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One of the services that we provide at Apartment Movers in Dallas is the delivery of individual items.

This service is great for customers that only need to move one or two items from one address to another.

This service is a great fit for individuals that have bought items from a store or another person and just need the pieces delivered to their home.
This method allows you to only pay for what you need and reduce any overhead charges from a full sized move.

At Apartment Movers in Dallas we have designed a system that includes a wide variety of items that can be transported so that you only pay for what you need.

Advantages Of A Delivery

When you call a moving company, they will most likely charge you an hourly rate for a minimum number of hours as well as a trip charge to cover the cost of the miles travelled during the move. This type of moving service can get pretty pricing depending on how far your items need to be transported and what the minimum charge is for the company.

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In order to get an estimate for this service, you will need to browse our catalog and choose the items that you need delivered. It is important that you provide the exact pick-up and drop-off addresses as well as details on elevators or stairs.

Item Not Listed

Usually, if an item is not listed in the catalog for deliveries, this might be an indicator that the item is not an item that we move or this item might fall underneath our regular moves category.

Experts in small moves and deliveries.

Whatever your situation may be, you are sure to find the help that you need.


When Apartment Movers in Dallas was first founded, we only focused on regular apartment moves. 

If you are looking to schedule Apartment Movers in Dallas for a regular move, then you will need to call our office and speak with a sales representative.

It is important to be prepared to answer detailed questions about your move when you call Apartment Movers in Dallas for a quote.

On the day of your move, our experienced movers will take care of the assembly and disassembly of your furniture.

As part of your hourly rate with Apartment Movers in Dallas, our movers will bring dollies, blankets and shrinkwrap to use during the move to make sure that your furniture is one hundred percent safe.

What To Expect

When you speak with our sales representatives, you will need to provide us with the square footage of the apartment you are looking to move or a list of the items that will be moved out of your apartment. Next, you will be asked about your exact pick-up and drop-off locations as well as details on the elevator or stair situation at both locations. Last, you will be asked for a preferred move date and time to schedule your move so make sure that you know that information before you call.

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Whatever your situation may be, you are sure to find the help that you need​.